I have nothing to do but plan another trip to Chile and The Patagonia. I’ll be damned if I spend a freezing winter upstate in the Catskills trying to keep busy and wishing I were somewhere else. This year I will expand upon the trip I made last winter, 2016-17, when I visited Chile for the first time and loved it.

My journey last year was entirely solo, self-planned and guided, I had a blast.

I planned the trip myself and my source materials were found in online websites, guidebooks, Google Maps, and my imagination.

Here is a movie I made in Cochrane Chile last year during a Rodeo Festival.


Admiral Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald, Marquess of Maranhão, GCB, ODM, styled Lord Cochrane between 1778 and 1831, was a British naval flag officer of the Royal Navy, mercenary and radical politician. Wikipedia


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