Oct 2017 Cleaning Out Junk

Santa Cruz CA

This is going to be a long trip. I started planning and outfitting 2 months ago in Roxbury NY. I bought my ticket early to try and get a good deal and then picked my trip insurance. I know where I will be for four of the five months on my journey as I am revisiting most of the places I fly fished last year.

This blog is going to describe my self-planned and guided fly fishing trip to The Patagonia and how I accomplished it. I will give details on air, land, and boat travel, insurance, language, health, food, lodging, clothing, and of course gear and flies. You are going to like it, there will be lots of pictures and video and I hope you will learn to be able to plan and accomplish your own trip to the magical Patagonian Rivers next year.

pura vida



By Peter Geoghan

Adventurer with doubts who self-guides his own fly fishing trips to Chile and Argentina. I am from New York City but last lived in the lovely Catskills, the land of bright trout, many reservoirs, rivers, streams, and creeks. Please email me at

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