Insurance Essentials

Health and travel insurance costs $1000 for four months in 2017 and $1500 for five months in 2018. The policy included theft, trip interruption, and flight delays. Most importantly, the insurance will cover you for health expenses incurred (up to $50,000) and emergency evacuation back to the USA. If you go to the hospital in Chile, you have to pay cash! There are less expensive policies than, but they paid out on a 5-day trip delay when I got stuck in Buenos Aries during the snowstorm in January 2017. There are many other benefits to working with Trip Insurance dot com, and they are a great company.

Save all receipts! Document everything.

Homeowners/renters insurance for theft or loss of personal property – watch your stuff when traveling!

Auto insurance, you only need the policy listed on your credit card and what is on the car when you rent it. The US Auto insurance policy you have for your car at home will not cover you outside of the USA! Premium Credit Cards have adequate car insurance, but if you have an accident, the car’s insurance when you rent it will be your primary coverage, read the rental agreement.

Do not have an accident.

Have backup photocopies of your passport, health, travel insurance, credit cards, & license, copies stored securely.

Once again, remember to

Save all receipts!

Update December 2020; insurance policies have changed in the past year; most no longer provide coverage for trips longer than two or three weeks.



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