Spanish is the language of Chile. I do not speak Spanish so this makes my traveling a bit difficult. There are a couple ways around this; you can have a partner who speaks Spanish, learn Spanish, carry a translating book, try hand signs, draw pictures, or carry a cell phone with Google Translate!

Google Translate Works!

Learn Spanish

I practice Spanish with Duolingo and Tiny Cards. Both apps are free and build basic vocabulary. The rate of learning and retention depends on the time spent and the frequency of one’s practice. It is recommended to practice daily. Both are great interactive learning tools for beginners, I highly recommend them. No matter what your age if you persist you will learn the basics. The Chileans will think it great if you try to speak their language. By the way, gringo is not a bad term in Chile.

Web surfing on Google Chrome while using Google Translate in the is browser is another great way to gather information about the countryside and get things done.




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