Avianca Cancellation

This morning I checked my itinerary with Avianca and found the upcoming flight on Saturday had been canceled! I looked again, there was no mistake. I called Avianca and was on hold for a half-hour before I heard the recorded message which said “refund money from the travel agent” I hadn’t been listening. The Avianca Pilots have been on strike for several weeks, I never received a notice of cancellation, I checked my email, voice mail, and zip, nada, there was no notice.

Lucky for me, I booked my trip with Chase Bank Ultimate Rewards Travel. I phoned, told them what was happening, asked for a refund, got it, and then proceeded to book a flight on American Airlines. Remember when I said get on, get off, no muss, no fuss AA. It took me an hour and a half to fix the situation thanks to Chase, and the price difference was not that great; let’s see if insurance pays for it.

It did.

Here is a picture, I call it the over-caffeinated gringo, Los Padres National Forest, Arroyo Seco Gorge, California.


Too much coffee.


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