When To Go to Patagonia

The height of the tourist season is January and February, it is South America’s summer vacation, and it seems every young adventurer is on the road in Patagonia. A good book is Bruce Chatwin’s In Patagonia.

Never forget that during summer in Patagonia, the weather is highly changeable. It can be a lovely day, then the next moment, a sunny day becomes windy, rainy, and cold with snow in the high country. Bring wind and rain gear made of synthetic fabric or wool. One of my better choices last year was waterproof above ankle hiking boots. I was initially thinking of saving weight and only carrying sneakers but thought better of it. Occasionally it was very wet and muddy, and sneakers would never have dried out; my feet would have been freezing. Another good piece to bring along are gaters, not only for the mud but also for the spiny plant burrs that will coat and destroy your sox when hiking along roads or through the brush.

A few words on lodging. During Patagonia’s summer season, from January to March, many hotels are booked in advance. Hostels can be full, AirBnB prices rise, and pickings are slim. My suggestion is to know where you are going and make reservations in a few month’s advance.

If you stay in an Airbnb, your meals might not be included, and you will have to shop or bring food with you. Is there a supermarket or bodega nearby where you can get the necessities for cooking meals or local restaurants?


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