Recreational Fishing License


Cilus Gilberti  (Abbott, 1899)

Hi, The other day, I went to the Sernapesca office to pick up my recreational fishing license. It’s a relatively easy process, and a yearly permit does not cost much more than my NY fishing license. Licenses are valid for a year, month, or week depending on what you ask and pay for. We are not Chilean citizens, and there is no discount if are over 65.

Here is the website where you can find the Sernapesca Offices to buy your license. You cannot buy it online. There is an outdoor store in Coyhaique across the street from the UNIMARC Supermarket where one can buy a license as of 2019.

Remember to look for the English flag at the top of the web page to translate or change your browser settings to translate into English from Spanish; Google Chrome does an excellent translation.

I have tried to buy my license online but without success. Perhaps the reason why is I am not a Chilean citizen.

If you do not have a license when asked to present it, you will get a summons to the local court. It’s not worth the trouble, and besides, we should support local fisheries management. This is a way we can contribute and be supportive.

With the license, we can fish both fresh and saltwater using one rod.


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