Santiago Again

I left Valparaiso today. My first stop is Santiago. I’ll stay in the city until the 22nd, then catch a bus down to Puerto Varas and spend Christmas with friends.

Because of the landslide, the road heading south from the Chaiten ferry is blocked. Fico told me about the closure. I can’t believe the road will be shut for more than 10 days. It is not that that’s the most crucial road globally, but it is vital as it supplies Futa and many points south. Additionally, it goes to the border of Argentina. My friend and host Fico told me about the closure.

I’ll have to figure something out. I do have time.

I weighed my pack today; it’s more than 26 kg or about 60 pounds. When I picked it up, I’m surprised it didn’t break my back. I’m an old geezer; I just not that strong anymore.

Here’s a link to the landslide. People died.


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