Santiago to Puerto Varas and the landslide at Villa Santa Lucia

I’ve done what I came to Santiago to do. Tonight I leave for Puerto Varas.

With all the fishing gear, my backpack weighs over 26 kg or 60 pounds. This is way too heavy, yet there’s not much extra that I can toss. Necessity is the mother of invention, and I went out and bought a little handcart. I’ll post some pictures later in the day when I have finished packing.

The road to Futaleufu is out between Chaiten and Villa Santa Lucia and will be closed for months. That sentence does not really describe the devastation that occurred when the landslide happened a few days ago. So far, 20 people are dead, and there are still villagers missing. I saw some pictures of the whole landslide this morning, and it looks like somebody scraped a giant finger down the side of a mountain and into the town.

To get Futa, I’ll have to leave from Puerto Varas and go through San Carlos Bariloche in Argentina and come to Chile and Futaleufu from the East. I’m hoping the road is also open to Palina because I would like to fish there too. How I will get to Fico’s place, I do not know at this time.

Here is a link to a detailed blog about the landslide:


2 responses to “Santiago to Puerto Varas and the landslide at Villa Santa Lucia”

  1. That’s a heavy report. A roller cart is a good decision. Bummer about the landslide.

    1. Thanks Jerry, I went the long way around to Futaleufu through Argentina

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