Today I’ll go to town to do my shopping and email, then go back to Fico’s place. It’s raining today, a typical Patagonian rain, it’s just gonna come down like cats and dogs all day long. Cold and wet!

I should’ve gone fishing yesterday. The sun wasn’t out, but it wasn’t raining, and the river was down. I must remember to make hay when the weather is good.

I was going to go to town today to get food but I don’t know if I am up to making that kind of muddy schlep in this kind of weather.

I’ll just stay ensconced here in my down quilts and blankets with my hat on and be nice and warm and read.

Travel advice: I highly suggest that when traveling in Patagonia to bring adequate rain gear. The rain jacket I brought this year is a fishing rain jacket that’s kind of short, doesn’t cover my butt. I think it would’ve been wise to have also brought that long hooded Patagonia rain poncho. If one is walking or hitchhiking it’s a good idea to bring rain pants too, and of course most importantly one’s hiking boots should be waterproof, which means GORTEX and rubber soles.

I remember before last year‘s trip reading about a fellow traveler and backpacker who was covering territory much further south than me where the weather is even more unpredictable, cooler, and wetter. He was concerned about weight in his backpack and carrying as little as possible. His footwear recommendation were trail runners that are not waterproof. He said he didn’t mind the wet and that the shoes would eventually dry out. When it rains for days on end the ground stays wet those trail runners will not dry out and your feet will be cold for days on end. It’s your choice, make it wisely.

Wool socks are a necessity. We all know that wool will keep your feet warm when wet, bring a few big thick pairs along.

I am doing everything on my phone today such as reading books, dictating this journal entry, playing games, and when I get bored maybe even watching a movie. The phone is only a couple of months old so the battery still holds a charge for a long time, I also bring back up batteries. One little battery I picked up last year can recharge my phone three or four times so I can last without recharge power for about three days of constant use, some of the batteries on the market today will recharge the phone for a week.

The rivers were going down yesterday especially the Rio Espolon, after today they will be up and wading will be very difficult if not impossible.

How about spearfishing, snorkeling, and freediving in some tropical paradise next year?


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