Walking Home

The past couple of days it’s become warm enough during the day that I didn’t have to wear multiple layers of wool and down clothing and at night it’s no longer freezing cold, I’m grateful for the change in weather.

Yesterday I went out to the Rio Espolon. I brought the switch rod and the Wulff and the OPST lines, Both lines could be considered six weight. The flies I used were larger bead head Wollybuggers, white seemed to get there most attention but dark colors and those without weight drew strikes also. I did not see any bugs hatching but a couple of times I thought I saw fish rising to take something on top in the slow areas alongside the edge of the river.

On my way to the river, I connected with the ride after walking a mile on the La Dificultad road. It was a beautiful day, not quite 100% sunny. The weather was breezy and 75°F. The mountain tops are still covered in snow, the rivers are high, and fishing the Futaleufú is out of the question but my spot on the Rio Espolon is excellent.

The water temperature was 50°F.

The Espolon is wadeable, I could work my way down the river without the water going above my knees.

Once again as soon as I started casting I had a nibble and after three or four casts I connected with at least 12 inch trout that jumped, shook it’s head and spit out the hook.

After that little bit of action I was dry for about an hour or two. I work my way down stream on the gravel banks And then connected to a 12 inch trout which I was able to reel in, photograph, and return unharmed.

I wouldn’t say it was an excellent day because I would’ve preferred to catch many 2 foot trout.

I pulled out of the water and packed up a little bit before 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I was hitch hiking but no one picked me up for an hour or more. Finally I found a ride and they carried me down to the Azul Road. As I was getting out of the car the bus passed by. Now I had at least a mile to walk to my road, the hike back to the house totaled hike about 5 miles. Was I beat!


Fresh veggies and fruit are difficult to find, but there are sources. For example, I discovered one of the bodegas gets fresh produce on Fridays, and there is a small farmers market one day a week, but I have not figured out when it is open.

There is no electricity where I am staying, so every couple of days, I buy food and supplies, then carry it all home, cook dinner and save some for the next day. I cook the chicken or beef stew with fresh or frozen veggies, rice, beans, lentils, eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, and farmers’ cheese sandwiches for lunch.

If there are fish that size should there be larger ones? Where will they be hiding out?

This is is the area, in this picture you cannot see the gravel banks and bars with the deeper runs between them but they are there. I can wade for a long way from this spot. 


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