I went to meet An acquaintance to go fishing yesterday morning but I didn’t show up they were a little further up and on the other side of the Espolon River. On my way to meet I found some new territory it was a large run which was deep in the middle and shallower on the other bank and deeper on the bank that I was on. I fished streamers out towards the middle with different lengths and weights of sinking leaders but met with no success, maybe I had a little tug and I kept it up there for two hours Before I became discouraged.

I’ve been moved upstream about 200 yards to underneath the wooden suspension bridge. Upstream from the bridge there was a large riffle which is wide and long. Below the bridge the river slows down and the bank opposite me, the one I finished earlier downstream, was deeper than the side that I was on, which was a bit rocky almost like a Catskill creek or stream. Immediately I had a rise but the trout did not like the taste of my fly. The trout rose in the same between the deeper riffles and The shallower water. I worked at stream above and below the bridge then after about a half an hour connected with a 14 inch rainbow I put up a little fight. Was a beautiful fish and I returned it to its home. I caught it on a medium sized Attractor fly which I bought at Dette Flies in Roscoe NY.

It was a brilliant day and the temperature of the air was in the mid 80s, the sun was relentless, I did not have any water, the water temperature was in the low 50s and was was able on the Espolon.

It was a long day. I left the house at about 8:15 and got to the river at about 10. I walked to Seaver’s house, who wasn’t there, I went back to the river and started fishing probably at about noon and fished until four. All in all I walked about 6 miles, not including the time in the water, I arrived home at six totally beat. Today, Wednesday is an easy day and I’ll stay at home, but perhaps a walk down to my spot on the Futa.


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