Cooking In Pura Vida

Cooking here at Pura Vida is on a small old fashioned wood stove. It’s a three burner with an oven, the stove does what it is supposed to do and keeps me warm when it’s cold out. We also have a small gas range which is used to boil water in the morning for a caffeine fix. There is no electricity on the property therefore no refrigeration. Meats must be cooked the day bought and generally keeps to the next day if covered tight and boiled again for the second dinner.

The mountains are spectacular.

Today I was very lucky, not much hiking at all to get into and back from town. I started at 8:30 this morning and got to town by 10:30, shopped for food, had coffee and a snack, and then had a ride all the way to home by 1:30. I’ll have time this afternoon to walk down (about a mile) to the Futaleufú fishing spot a little later. Even though the water is raging high I can still practice my casting.

It’s summertime, the sun is out And it’s about 80°, I know the Espolon will be warming up and if the bugs are dependent on warmer water and air they should start appearing, I think it was too cold last week.

I will let you know how the surface fishing works out.


One response to “Cooking In Pura Vida”

  1. All the comforts of home. Reminds me of my Great grandmother’s kitchen and outdoor kitchens in Tapalpa.

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