Deutsche Mädchen

The fab four left today. When I had it I thoroughly enjoyed their company and their bright, witty, and happy disposition.

The Fabfour go rafting on the Rio Azul and the class 5 Futaleufu.

A sad day when they leave 😢


6 responses to “Deutsche Mädchen”

  1. Very pretty young women

  2. The river seems to run very fast.
    How did they get back?Did two others join them?

    1. They took the bus to Argentina

  3. the “deutsche Mädchen” are back in Buenos Aires! We love your Blogpost and we miss you;) Hope you caught some BIG fish!

    Hannah, Alea, Charlotte and Lea 😀

    1. Leaving Fico’s mañana for Coyhaiqui and then I will have new pictures to Post

    2. I did catch some big fish! How are you and where are you now, back home?

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