Nono’s Monster

Nono’s Azul Monster caught in April

Up the road towards Futaleufu is Nono’s Farm. Nono showed me her garden where many kinds of fast growing produce, lettuces, kale, chard, carrots, and herbs grow and are for sale. She invited me to her home to have lunch. The giant flat-screen TV was going, she has electricity, a satellite dish, and the cat looked dead on the couch, but all was cozy. I asked for a glass of water and told her I was staying at The Monastery, Fico’s place, also known as Pura Vida, and all that. We laughed. I told her I am a fisherman and caught a big one yesterday, and she said, let me show you mine and then lead me into the living room, and thereupon the wall, hanging from the ceiling, was her fish. Thats a big one, Nono can I buy some lettuce now?


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