Yes, Two Days In A Row

North is down and south is up.

For two days I have been completely skunked. Not even a nibble or a tug in either the Rio Espolon or the Futa.

Days were brilliantly sunny and clear with temperatures in the high 70’s low 80’s, water temperature 58.

Tonight at 7 I will go to my spot on the Futa and try some night fishing.

Crossing the La Dificultad bridge yesterday at six or so, I was looking to see if I could spot any fish in the gorge, and there it was, a biggie cruising a seam. A real beauty, much larger than 24 inches, but totally unreachable, unless one has a boat with an anchor tied to shore, so one does not drift down the river into the class 5 rapids.

Not my picture it’s by lavadog.


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