Sunny and warm ☀️

What a workout, I never knew that fishing could be so tiring. We caught a lot of big badass trout today, all the action stopped at about 11.

Water 54 and clear, air high 70’s, mild breeze, sunny.

Small and large attractors, Chernoble bugs, almost any kind of dry fly will work. I have had success with nymphs when there are no rises. I used a 9′ leader with a 3x and 4x and sometimes a 5x tippet. A weight forward floating line worked best for me. The other shooting lines were too heavy and made a big splash and scared the fish off.

Jose in the picture caught fish after fish. I nicknamed him the Terminator. Of course, it was all catch and release fun.

Now you know where I go, the secret is out! My favorite place in the world.


3 responses to “Monday’s”

  1. Juan Pablo Oñate Muñoz. Avatar
    Juan Pablo Oñate Muñoz.

    Buenas fotos Peter, te enviaré unos videos. Disfruta la pesca 😊

    1. Gracias Juan

    2. Thank you Juan.

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