The Nireguao Canyon, so peaceful, but look out for the trout sharks; 3x is no guarantee. Do you see any other fishermen? Nope! Can you get a big one to rise up on a big Fat Albert from over there by the wall? I want to go here at night with mice.

The annual El Gato Asado

I’ll miss this place only 10 days until I start back north.

Chile is a civilized place with tremendous outdoor natural resources and very friendly locals.

More to come…

Rio Nireguao

This is not the Rio Nireguao but rather a creek, the beginnings of the Rio Norte, way up high in the mountains that two French lawyers wanted to visit, but there were no trout. They knew, didn’t they? To get to this stream, we had to drive up a single track behind El Gato and go right. We then drove by a lake, Laguna Brava, on the left. Looking done from the road, I could see large trout feeding in the shallows along the shoreline. Guys, I said let’s stop and fish it, but no dice, they knew where the trout were. Still, it was a nice drive.


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