Rainbow With A Racing Stripe.

El Gato. Another spectacular day on the Rio Nireguao.

I’m sorry, but there are no pictures of the fish I have caught because carrying an iPhone 8 into the river, trying to get a picture, and at the same time netting the fish while taking less than 30 seconds is very difficult when I am by myself. The water temperature is 58° maybe 60, very slight breeze, cloudless sky, water clear, and I’m way below the riffles.

este es mi lugar de pesca favorito

Time to go home for lunch. I’ll be back in a couple hours.

I caught a second fish, which was sizable, I think about an 18-inch brown trout, but it got off the hook because I was fussing with the camera and the net when I was fishing.

My amigos Gonzalo the cat and Chapo, Sasha, the nut case, ran off.

This morning’s flies. I’m learning to nymph.

I went back in the afternoon to a spot a quarter-mile below the bridge and caught an 18-inch brown. I tried to film it but only managed to destroy my earphones by dropping them in the river. Here is a picture of Sasha, aka Nutcase, instead, sorry.


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