Travel to Coyhaique in the Aysen Region of Patagonia

Last year when I travelled to Chile, I made stops in Santiago, Valparaiso, Puerto Varas, Chiloe, and Futaleufú. This year I did without the extended visit to Puerto Varas and skipped Chiloe.

Here is how I will do it next year. I’ll fly into Santiago, go to Valparaiso and study Spanish for a month or two for as long as I have a cheap place to stay. Then I’ll take the overnight Turbus bus from Valparaiso to Puerto Montt, catch the ferry, Navimag, from Puerto Montt to Puerto Chacabuco, then catch the local bus or taxi to Puerto Aysen, which is then just an hour by bus from Coyhaique.

Bus service between Coyhaique and Puerto Montt is called Buses Suray.

Buses Suray Facebook Page

Buses Suray

Prat, Coyhaique, XI Región

(67) 223 8387

If you want to fish, why waste time up in the expensive north? The Aysen region has the best, and it is terrific.

This year I learned how to get to the rivers near Coyhaique. You can travel on the local bus towards Puerto Aysen from Coyhaique for a couple of bucks. You tell the driver to stop and then get off at scenic blue ribbon fly fishing waters. The bus will pick you up at the end of the day as they return to Coyhaique; just wave them down when they come along. If you are paying attention and sitting on the right side of the bus by a window on your way from the port to Coyhaique, you’ll see many accessible fishing beats. Mark the spots you like on Google Maps so you know where to get off on your return. Be sure to get a bus schedule so you can estimate when they will pass you by on their way back, be sure to give yourself enough time. Explore by carrying your lunch, water, waders, and boots in a separate bag. It’s work, takes time, but is worth the effort.

The river outside on the way of Coyhaique on the way to Puerto Aisen is the Rio Simpson. Along the river is plenty of access and banks to walk and wade when you get out of town. The next river on the trip to the port is the Rio Aysen, which is much larger, I am sure there is bank access, but the river may not be wadeable. If the water is high, both rivers are dangerous. A six weight for trout is excellent, but the Aysen is big. There are trout in both streams, and when the season is right, salmon too.

When you go fishing here, you are on your own. Be careful. There is no cell service. If you can bring a buddy, that’s even better, the rivers are big enough for two.

Remember, it’s almost always windy and chilly and wet depending on the season and the very changeable weather.

Ferry to Coyhaique from Puerto Montt, why take a bus for thirty hours when you can ride in style!

Navimag Ferries

Diego Portales 2000, Puerto Montt, X Región

(2) 2869 9900

Navimag Ferry

Navimag goes further south than Puerto Aisen! There is a route that goes through the fiords of southern Patagonia. I suggest you do it down to the end and back, I did not make the trip this visit, but next time, I surely will. The cost is not that high, they feed you 3x a day, there are showers, everything is clean, and there is a wide price range. The double-A class beds are comfortable and near the dining room, where😊 the food and fellowship are good.

Here is a link with inclination and pictures about this spectacular trip.

Navimag trip 


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