Two Tickets


Today I bought the American Airlines roundtrip New York JFK to Bogota, Colombia. The flight leaves October 30 and returns April 7, 2020. The next chore is to buy the Bogota to Santiago Chile ticket leaving around January 1 and returning March 31. My travel dates do not take more than 90 days in either country, and I preclude the need for a visa.

The one ticket is now two. I purchased the second round trip ticket going from Bogota to Santiago, Chile. I also made an Airbnb reservation in Bogota for the first two weeks. After that, my plans are not entirely fleshed out, but I intend to go to Cali and spend at least two weeks, if not a month, learning Spanish and Salsa there. That leaves two weeks to float somewhere else before I fly to Chile.

I am considering not flying from Santiago to Balmaceda / Coyhaique Airport. It would be nicer to arrive at Santiago Airport, then take a taxi to the bus station, catch the overnight bus to Puerto Montt, then take the Naviera Austral ferry to Puerto Chacabuco and a short bus ride to Coyhaique. This trip will take a few days, but why fly when I can enjoy the scenery and fellowship on the boat. Today I reviewed the cost of a round trip flight from Santiago to Balmaceda, and it turned out to be about 200 bucks round trip; going overland would cost me twice that. As long as the Latham Airline doesn’t charge a fortune for luggage, this is a better option.


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