Bus Trips

Eleven hours to go less than 300 miles, but there were spectacular mountain peaks with vertical sides surrounded by clouds, twisting two-lane roads, bottomless gorges, endless cliffs 2 feet away from the bus that dropped down forever, but it was a modern road. Day off today.

Have I written about the marches, protests, and in Chile’s case, riots taking place in South America? Chile has seen all the above for the past month. People and police have died, buildings, stores, transportation facilities have burned, and teargas and Molotov cocktails tossed in multiple cities. Columbia is a lot calmer, but there have been national strikes. Today there is another one. I am not fearful, but I am concerned about what is happening in Chile and how it will affect my journey.

Cali is hopping today! Columbia has had a national strike, but I am in one of the better parts of town. There is no unrest here. Last night some marchers passed by the Hotel Intercontinental just down the street. Today there are supposed to be marches that will pass close by me. Right now, there are lots of helicopters flying. I think I will lay low, stay close to home, and reduce my profile.

I hear the march off in the distance and it is getting closer, there are lots of people, whistles, chanting, honking horns, and police sirens.

All quiet now and there were no problems.


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