October 31, 2020

This is an update on the travel situation for South America, Chile, and Columbia.

The border into Chile is still closed to foreigners. Only Chilean nationals returning to the country are allowed in at this time. Occasionally on Facebook I see posts by Chilean fishing guides and lodges claiming that the border will open soon, and fly fishing tourists will book excursions for this summer fishing season, December 2020 to April 2021. I’m not sure where they’re getting their information; according to the United States Department of State website the Chilean border is closed. Same with all the news that I can find while searching on the Internet on this topic.

I am in isolation here in the Catskills alone on the top of a mountain. Once a week, I go shopping for food at Adams in Kingston. Three or four times a week, I go swimming in the Catskill Recreation Center pool. The pool has only six lanes, and usually, there’s a swimmer in each. I go early in the morning, make my swim, and then leave; this is all the exposure to others I’m willing to tolerate. Oh, wait I almost forgot I voted last Monday at the election office center in Delhi, NY.

I am still considering a steelhead fly fishing trip up to Buffalo tomorrow or Monday. I have found a few Airbnb’s for $20 a night with private bathrooms but when I read the news, which is all about the coronavirus and Trump these days, I get very hesitant to leave my home.

For updates look here.


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