Still Snowing

I am making progress with editing my posts as I’m sure you can see. I’ve corrected grammar, spelling, and general sentence structure so it is more readable. I’ve also added pictures

When entering the United States from a foreign country, it is now required to have a Covid test three days before you arrive at immigration in the USA, possibly even before you enter the plane from the country you are leaving. This was in the news on January 18, 2021. From what I’ve read, you can get tested at the hotel that you’re staying in before flying back to the US. I don’t know how this works in Chile.

I had my first Covid vaccination yesterday, and in three weeks, I will get the second shot. It’s a great relief to know I have some protection. I have the CDC paperwork/card I received when. I got the shot.

I have assumed that I’ll be able to travel to Patagonia next January for three months. The reality is I don’t know what the international situation will be like next year.


One response to “Update”

  1. Hi Peter,

    Congratulations on receiving the first COVID vaccination. I don’t know when I will be able to get it. The roll out has not been well managed and the information is confusing. But my sister got hers today. So, they are getting to those who live in congregate settings. However, my sponsor, who is 80 and lives in an assisted living facility will get hers mid February.

    I have not kept up with your posts but glad you continue to keep it up.

    Yolanda Henry yolandahenry1947@gmail.com

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