Travel To Chile February 1, 2021

The borders to Chile opened in November 2020 but there are rules that were not in force a year ago.

Flights to Santiago from JFK are exceptionally cheap on Copa Airlines, my new favorite. There are several choices for flights from Santiago to Balmaceda in Patagonia but my suggestion is to stick with LATAM Airlines.

Flight and quarantine policies change unexpectedly! To travel to Chile you need to have a clean covid test taken 72 hours before leaving the USA. To get back into the USA one must do the same 72 hours before the flight.

In Chile there are local curfews and you are not allowed outside during certain hours or days. You may be told to add an app to your phone so you can be tracked.

I wouldn’t travel this year, not even to New Jersey. This year I am staying home and getting fat.

The best information is provided by the U.S. Embassy in Chile, see below.


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