The East Branch

I fished Thayer Hollow on the East Branch of the Delaware River yesterday morning, arriving at 9:30; no one was there.

I had the water to myself and proceeded to swing a nymph across and down the river with my Meiser trout spey rod starting from just below the parking lot.

Later at about ten, a couple of fishermen showed up. One started in up river of me spin casting with light tackle and proceeded to work around me and then down the river and out of sight.

I continued casting my way down the river and had a tug but nothing much else. Later another fisherman came by with spinning gear and gave up pretty quick. I switched to a little size 10 sparkly woolly bugger replacing the nymph dropper rig I had been using.

All had left the river now; it was about 12:30 PM. I was alone on the river and hooked into a large trout. The Robert Meiser rod is stout, and I brought the 18-inch trout in quickly to my net and released it.

I had enough for the day, so I climbed up out of the river back up to Route 30 and the parking lot. There were five people in the parking lot standing around talking. I asked if anyone saw the huge trout I had caught and released, they turned away; one said he thought I lost it, and it broke off. Sour grapes!

As I always say TOW!


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