Epic Summer On The East Branch

It has been a really good summer of fishing on the East Branch. Earlier in the season I hooked a humongous Trout while swinging a flashy Woolybugger. A few weeks later, after a big rain, I went out to the same area. The river was up but not so much that it was uncomfortable to wade. The special sauce of the day was that the river was cold and muddy, visibility in the water was only about 6 inches. Once again I was swinging a flashy woolly bugger with rubber legs and a brass conehead on a fast sinking tip.

That morning I caught and landed three large trout. The first one had to be over 18 inches, it was a big fish, the second fish was a monster Between 22 and 24 inches long. The third was 18 inches confirmed. I hooked it in the gills and it was bleeding so I gave it to Ted. Ted took it home and measured it. It was an epic day on the East branch.

Once again I was using my trout spey rod made by Robert Meiser. The learning curve for Spey and Scandi casting is slow for me, but I’m getting there. The lines were made by Steve Godshall, SGS.

Teddy with my fish

I have a hard time taking pictures of the fish that I catch when alone. This is a picture of the 24 inch fish, once again don’t be fooled by the net that net is gigantic it’s really really big. If you have suggestions on how to accomplish this Photorgaphy feat, I’m all ears.


Here is a link do a YouTube video of Ed Ward demonstrating Skagit casting technique https://youtu.be/8AuAkX695xM


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  1. Thank you. Hope you are well.


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