The Patagonia

Bisbee AZ February 2022

This past Christmas, I drove to California from New York. I had become sick of paying $250 a month for the storage locker I had in Santa Cruz, so I went to clean it out and ship my belongings back to Delhi NY. It was a costly trip, but the locker is closed, I no longer have to pay that bill, and I now have some beautiful furniture in my apartment.

Here are few photos of Yosemity.

The trip took me five days to reach Mariposa CA where I rested up with Philip at his ranch in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Mariposa was spectacular and the trip to Yosemity was less than an hour away. Philip was an excellent host and a first rate vegitarian chef, I hated to leave but the task at Santa Cruz was calling.

By Peter Geoghan

Adventurer with doubts who self-guides his own fly fishing trips to Chile and Argentina. I am from New York City but last lived in the lovely Catskills, the land of bright trout, many reservoirs, rivers, streams, and creeks. Please email me at

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