Bisbee AZ February 2022

This past Christmas, I drove to California from New York. I had become sick of paying $250 a month for the storage locker I had in Santa Cruz, so I went to clean it out and ship it back to Delhi, which I still wanted. It was a costly trip, but the locker was closed, I no longer had to pay that bill, and I now have some beautiful furniture in my apartment. and a better-looking budget.

Here are a few photos of Yosemite.

The trip took me five days to reach Mariposa, CA, where I rested with Philip at his ranch in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Mariposa was spectacular, and our day trip to Yosemite was less than an hour away. Philip was an excellent host and a first-rate vegetarian chef, I hated to leave, but the task at Santa Cruz waited.

I did it; I cleaned out that locker, then shipped some stuff back to New York that I wanted to keep. Not having to pay storage is a load off of my monthly expenses and my mind. I am happy.

Tecopa, CA

I left Santa Cruz and San Jose and headed south to Death Valley and Delights Hot Springs in Tecopa, Arizona. I had not visited in several years, and did I get a surprise; it was overcrowded, too well-lit, and noisy. Every spot in the campground was taken and with the cabins. The crowds were a shame, but I did camp outside and soak in the hot springs for three days.

Bisbee, AZ

I drove to Bisbee because I thought it would be warm; it was warmer than New York but still not tropical. The journey was to see and stay with my amigo Peter. His spread is off the grid and twelve miles outside of town. It’s a mile from High Lonesome Road in the Mule Mountains of Southern Arizona. Peter provided me with a shed to stay. There was no water but a cistern outside, but it did have electricity and excellent cell service; there was an outhouse, but with only walls and no roof, where it was nice to watch the sunrise over the Chiricahua Mountains.


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