Packing For Patagonia

I now understand why some, those who can afford it, pay for expensive stays in Patagonian Lodges. For the past couple of months, I have been making lists, collecting, sorting fly fishing tackle, and preparing gear for the two-month trip to Patagonia; it has taken a lot of planning and sorting.

It is a lot of work to get it right and to bring all I need with backups and repair kits too. I have it worked out now and am almost to the point of packing everything up; after that, I have to meet the airline’s size and weight requirements. There is also the consideration of how much I want to drag around. Do I need two suitcases or can I use a carry-on? Mobility is always an issue.

The last time I visited Patagonia was in January and February 2020. I cannot wrap my thoughts around how long ago it was. Has it been two or three years since I was last there?

I am anxious about traveling to Chile this year, but I would have it going anywhere. Living and isolating through COVID for the past three years has affected my thinking. I struggle to be optimistic and sometimes cultivate my fears as if they were a garden of anxiety. The best attitude is to Keep Calm and Carry On, and do not forget to wear a mask in public!

Financial Fears


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  1. Going solo presents its own considerations…Does that mean there’s no democracy,just pros and cons….

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