Fico’s place is quiet, no one is here, it’s a bit cold, last night the fog was heavy, and it rained on and off all night.

The day before yesterday, I caught a few fish in the Rio Espolon. One of them was a good size; the other was 8 to 10 inches or could have been 10 to 12 inches? It was a nice afternoon sun was out, it was reasonably warm, and the wind was not blowing too hard.

Today I’m waiting for it to warm up a little bit before I head out for a hike to fish the Rio Futaleufu at the Black Gate. I don’t know if I’ll bring the rod, I probably will, and see what it’s like this year. The river is very high. I’m not going to wade and will not bring boots and waders.

The landscape here looks like a Chinese painting, those landscapes that have jagged high peaks enrobed in fog and mist.

There’s lots of bird life I can hear them twittering and singing the way from before sunrise now almost noon.

Rio Espolon


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