Bus to Coyhaique

Yesterday’s travel from Futaleufu to Coyhaique was a long haul. The bus trip ended up taking twelve hours to go about 250 miles. When I go back north, it will either be by plane or boat, no more buses.

The scenery coming down through Patagonia is impressive. I am amazed at the effort that Chileans put into the Carretera Austral road. It threads through a land of river valleys and fiords. At times the road is surrounded on both sides by nearly vertical mountains. It winds up steep one-lane gravel switchbacks and is sometimes detoured by slow ferries over lakes when the nearby roads are being worked on or out of service. The Carretera Austral is the main north-south route unless you fly or take the boat.

It would be nice to have a heated four-wheel-drive van to camp in and really see the area.

The backpack on wheels seems to be growing! It is getting heavier.

Buses Becker


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