Obtener un número de teléfono celular es difícil, si!

As of November 1, 2021, the requirements to register one’s phone with a local SIM card in Chile has changed. Here is the webpage you need to look at in Google Chrome with the Spanish to English translate on in settings.


Getting a temporary cell phone number in Chile is a chore. I have quickly bought a prepaid local Chilean sim card chip, but this year I had to register my phone with a government agency before being allowed to get a Chilean chip and number. The process was complicated, but I managed to get through it. I heard before I left in March 2018 that the registration process has changed and become more straightforward. The registration process is something you must work on before going. You do not want to be without your phone and a data connection

Here is the last link I have used, October 2017, to register my American phone, it worked.


the above page will lead you to this page on another website;


The above links will eventually bring you here; where you can register your phone.


Where you will fill out under remote the certification application and then IMEI on your phone at the bottom of the page.

Es claro, si?

If you want I will walk you through the registration for a 7 weight 9′ 4 piece Winston BXlll? Porque, pregunta mi en website.

I live and die with my cell phone, it is my best friend and connection to the world! The cell phone provides local telecom and internet service. Know how to use it and make sure it has a large readable screen.

Check out T Mobile plans before you leave as they have international coverage for phone and data in Chile!


After you register your American cell phone you purchase a SIM card at a local Entel office, I highly recommend Entel. The sim only costs a couple of bucks. Insert the card in your phone then restart the phone. Save the sim from the USA for when you return home,  to save it safely I tape it to the inside back of my Otterbox iPhone protective case. Then go to a local pharmacy and ask for recharge, spend 15,000 Chilenos, show them the local phone number that you just got from the Entel carrier, and they will charge up your account. How often you have to recharge the card/account depends on how much you use the phone and data, 15,000 Chilenos should last a week or two.

I have a Skype account for my phone calls home, it’s inexpensive. The cost for international calls is what Skype charges per minute plus what the local data plan charges you per minute, that’s if you want to phone home.

Another option to call internationally is WhatApp which is a Facebook owned app. With WhatsApp on your cell phone you can call friends for free who also have the app on their phone.

If you have an Apple iPhone you can also use Apple FaceTime and make international calls for free to those who also have iPhones.


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