El Gato

Early summer down here means changeable weather. A climate that goes from sunny and warm to suddenly overcast, cold, showers, and blustery winds.

A Very Fishy Place
El Gato Under The Rainbow
Upper Nireguao By The Town Of Nireguao

I was hiking up the road and met a young fellow who was hiking down. He was Chilean and grew up in Santiago but he now lives and works in Berlin but keeps a small home in El Gato which he was visiting with his wife and child. Jorge suggested I join him the next day for an expedition to the upper Nireguao.

The next day the weather was windy, cold, and wet with no shelter, as you can see in the above picture. But there was a lot of trout and hungry ones too. The Nireguao at this end is considered a spring creek, do not let the picture deceive you it is narrow and in places shallow. Jorge started ahead of me and was soon out of sight. I followed the steam downriver, crossing again and again while catching trout and trying to stay warm. After a couple of hours, I headed back to the car but did not find Jorge.


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